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Educational Alternate Reality Game – Game Start

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(This is the next post in my description of the Finding Identity alternate reality game.)

The Finding Identity alternate reality game started out with an email to all the players from a person named John Takahashi, Jr. :

Hello, my name is John.  It is March 2010.  For me.  Not for you.  You will find out when and where you are shortly.

I am here to assist you in your upcoming endeavors.  You will need to rely on those closest to you along with your own ingenuity.  In order to survive and get back to the present day in 2010, you will need to be able to empathize with others and learn something about your own identity.

Here is what has happened to you:

I will be in touch soon.  Until then, good luck!

Sincerely, John Takahashi, Jr.

The overall scenario is more functional than clever.  I needed an idea to get the players to believe that they are living in the 1940s and going through life as a typical Japanese American person.  Of course, this raises the conundrum of how are the players expected to use email, a discussion board, and other computer tools if they are “living” in the 1940s.  Still, the overall scenario “works” if only to get the player’s mindset focused on life in the 1940s.

You’ll see more about how the scenario evolves in the upcoming blog posts.  Do you have any ideas for other possible overall scenarios that might work for this game?


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