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Educational Alternate Reality Game – Pearl Harbor

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(This is the next post in my description of the Finding Identity alternate reality game.)

The next scenario in the game begins with an email to all the players from John Takahashi, Jr. :

Hello again.  Now that you know the other people who will be helping your survive through the war, you can now see what happens when the war first started in the U.S.:

Read through the scenario and see what you’re supposed to do.  Remember that you are going through this adventure as part of a group, so please support your fellow group members.

Good luck getting through to the next scenario.

Yours Truly, John Takahashi, Jr.

This scenario immediately places the player in December 7, 1941 right after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The player is playing as a member of a Japanese American family living in Reedley, California and so must now try to imagine what life is like when the news of Pearl Harbor is announced.

The scenario leads to the first puzzle of the game, which is described here: The puzzle is a collaborative one in which each of the four members in each group receives an email from the Game Master with a clue to find a specific word. Here is an example of a clue:

On the PBS The War (At Home, Civil Rights) website, Asako Tokuno says, “I’d never been aware of my, you know, my ________” prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Can you figure out this out?  I’ll give the answer in the next post.

This is a relatively easy collaborative puzzle because the only collaboration required is for the groups to get together in their private group discussion forum to post each word that each person finds. I purposely made the first puzzle an easy one in order to ease the players in to doing collaborative work.

After entering in all four words correctly, the group receives its next assignment, which will be discussed in the next blog post.


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