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Educational Alternate Reality Game – Blog Assignment

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(This is the next post in my description of the Finding Identity alternate reality game.)

After finding all four words in the Pearl Harbor puzzle (the answer to the example clue is “ethnicity”), the players are emailed a link to their group’s assignment for this scenario:

The group’s task is to:

Create a BLOG POSTING that answers the following question:

“In the days following December 7, 1941, how has your life in Reedley, CA as a member of the Takahashi family changed?”

The main learning objectives of this assignment are as follows:

  1. Players will research the effects of the attack on Pearl Harbor on Japanese Americans living on the mainland
  2. Players will collaborate to synthesize their thoughts on the subject
  3. Players will create a group collaborative blog using an online blogging tool

Here is an example of a blog that demonstrates the fulfillment of the learning objectives:

One other thing to note about this and all future assignments: The group score is not only based on the quality of the work (10 points) but also the group discussion (10 points).  Emphasizing the discussion portion of the assignment makes the group focus more on their communication in their group’s private discussion forum.

The next blog post will be the start of the next scenario: Executive Order 9066.  Thanks for reading and providing any feedback!


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