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Educational Alternate Reality Game – Executive Order 9066

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(This is the next post in my description of the Finding Identity alternate reality game.)

The game continues with another email to all the players from John Takahashi, Jr. :

Hi again.  Because of the attack on Pearl Harbor, you’ve seen that your life in Reedley has suddenly changed.  Please try to persevere and help the others in your family cope with whatever negative situations come their way.

Here is what happens next:  Read through the scenario and see what you’re supposed to do.

Good luck in getting through to the next scenario.

Best wishes, John Takahashi, Jr.

P.S. Look for a mention of my father in this scenario.

This scenario leads to the next collaborative puzzle (  In this puzzle, each player is emailed three separate clues to find three single characters.

Here is a sample clue:

On the Smithsonian Natural Museum of American History’s A More Perfect Union website, go to the Removal section and find the “Constitution and Executive Order” sub-section. Read the transcript of Mary Tsukamoto.  Find the sentence that starts, “We couldn’t believe that they would need all of us to quit our work to produce our _______, food for victory”.  The character is the last letter in the missing word.

The puzzle have been designed with two purposes in mind:

  1. Engage the group in challenging, collaborative exercises
  2. Expose the players to a variety of web resources that they can utilize in the various assignments

After all the characters are found, the group must then rearrange the characters to create a web address (URL) that links to their next assignment, which will be discussed in the next blog post.


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