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Educational Alternate Reality Game – Word Cloud Assignment

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(This is the next post in my description of the Finding Identity alternate reality game.)

After the group members solve the Executive Order 9066 puzzle, they uncover the link to the word cloud assignment page:

The group’s new task is to:

Create a WORD CLOUD that describes your feelings about having to evacuate your home because of Executive Order 9066.

The main learning objectives of this assignment are as follows:

  1. Players will research Executive Order 9066 and its impact on the lives of Japanese American people living on the U.S. mainland
  2. Players will collaborate to synthesize their thoughts on the subject
  3. Players will create a word cloud using an online word cloud application (such as Wordle or Word It Out.)

Here is an example of a word cloud that demonstrates the fulfillment of the learning objectives:

The next blog post will be the start of the next scenario: Japanese Americans in the Military.  Thanks for reading and providing any feedback!


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