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Educational Alternate Reality Game – Online Collaborative Story

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(This is the next post in my description of the Finding Identity alternate reality game.)

The final scenario begins with another email to all the players from John Takahashi, Jr. :

Good news!  The war is just about over.  The Allies have taken control in Europe and in the Pacific, and news reports say that the war should be ending fairly soon.

However, you and your family are still currently in Poston.

Here is what happens next:  Read through the scenario and see what you’re supposed to do.

Good luck in getting through this final scenario.

Thinking about you, John Takahashi, Jr.

There is no puzzle for this scenario due to the time commitment to keep the game to a one-month duration.  Therefore, this scenario leads directly to the next assignment:

The group’s new task is to:

Create an ONLINE COLLABORATIVE STORY about what happens to the Takahashi family after leaving Poston.

The main learning objectives of this assignment are as follows:

  1. Players will research the post-war resettlement of Japanese American returning from the internment camps.
  2. Players will collaborate to synthesize their thoughts on the subject.
  3. Players will create a collaborative story together using an online collaborative writing tool, such as Writeboard.

Here is an example of a collaborative story that demonstrates the fulfillment of the learning objectives:

The next blog post will describe how the game ends.  Thanks for reading and providing any feedback!


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